Finance made easy for small, medium and large business

Rinkaz Finance has been organising asset based finance for over thirty years and continues to provide a fast and cost effective solution for purchases of motor vehicles, plant and equipment, computers and most income producing assets.

Rinkaz Finance has been organising asset based finance for over thirty years and continues to provide a fast and cost effective solution for purchases of motor vehicles, plant and equipment, computers and most income producing assets. In 2009, Rinkaz Finance became part of the Condon Associates Group.

Rinkaz Finance has been fortunate enough to be involved in some amazing financial loans and acquisitions. Rinkaz Finance has brokered deals for everything from cars and boats to equestrian show jumpers.

We take pride in offering our clients a prompt and reliable service achieving results, even with difficult funding situations, with the minimum amount of disruption to our clients’ daily activities.

Rinkaz Finance brings the experience and understanding of the finance industry to its customers, helping them maintain their budgets and creating plans to maintain future growth.

tile-australian-notesRinkaz Finance provides a range of tax effective and competitive cost facilities for all small, medium and large companies to purchase any income producing asset, i.e. motor vehicles, trucks, earthmoving machinery, industrial plant and equipment, medical equipment, computers, hospitality equipment, automotive repair equipment, etc.

By financing your purchases you save spending from your cash flow, and as rates of Interest are fixed for a set term, it enables you to budget your future cash flow.

Monthly payments are generally tax deductible but you should always check with your accountant, if necessary, as to which product gives you the most beneficial tax benefit.

Consider which is the following best option for your business over terms of one to five years noting that possible to extend to seven years for very large capital purchases, e.g. buses, etc.

Finance lease

This facility which requires no upfront deposit has a Residual Value which is fixed in line with Australian Taxation Office guidelines. At the end of term your options are:

  • Return the equipment to the financier,
  • Refinance the residual value for another term, or
  • Offer to payout the residual value to the finance company.

Monthly payments attract GST which can be claimed back as an input tax credit.

Commercial hire purchase

The goods are purchased by the financier (‘Owner’) who allows you, the customer (‘Hirer’), to use the goods until the final payment is received at which time the title to the goods is automatically passed to you, the customer. This facility can have the option of a fixed end balloon (similar to a residual on lease) or nothing at the end of a contract.

GST is not payable on monthly payments.

Chattel mortgage

This is a loan facility where the financier takes a charge over the asset for the term of the contract and enables the borrower to claim the GST on the purchase price in the next BAS statement due after settlement.

GST is not payable on monthly payments.

Rinkaz rental

Innovative financing for equipment where the customer obtains all the benefits of the use of the equipment without responsibility of ownership. This is not a loan with an interest rate, but a rental cost for use of the equipment. Repayments are normally 100% tax deductible. Rinkaz Rentals do not include telephone systems or fit-outs; there is a $15,000 inclusive of GST maximum payment.

GST is payable on monthly payments.

End of term options include:

  • Return equipment to the financier, or
  • Offer to buy equipment for one dollar.

Premium funding

Annual Insurance Premium Invoices are usually expensive and always arrive at the wrong time. Instead of worrying about these payments, why not consider funding your insurance costs over eight to ten months.

The types of insurance covered are:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial Special Risks
  • Public Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Professional Liability
  • Comprehensive Motor Vehicles

Factoring / Invoice discounting

By releasing the cash owed to you in unpaid invoices, it will give you the benefit of improved cash flow, the advantage of supplier discounts, and will enable you to be able to negotiate better credit terms with improved credit rating. Factoring fees are tax deductible.

Receive 80% of your debtor payments within 24 to 48 hours after submitting the invoices. In most cases, real estate security is not required.

In the instance of factoring, the financier assumes responsibility for debtor collections and accounting.

Invoice discounting debtor collections and accounting remain the responsibility of the client – the KEY BENEFIT of this is that the arrangements will remain confidential or undisclosed.

Inventory stock finance

Inventory stock finance provides businesses with finance for acquisition of stock for manufacturing or resale to their customers. To qualify customers need to be profitable, well established, have current financials with annual sales in excess of $3 million and be up-to-date with taxation liabilities.

What makes inventory finance different is that stock to be financed does not have to be pre-sold, invoiced or delivered.

A revolving line of credit with facility limits ranging from $400,000 to $3 million with individual draw-downs from $100,000.

There is an interest free period of up to 60 days, with up to 120 days to repay the finance in full.

Real estate security is not required.