Condon Advisory Group is always to eager to share the knowledge they have gained over their time in the industry. It is a great way of gathering and sharing information and knowledge whilst advertising your company and networking with friends.

Eventbrite - The Condon Forum - "The Bankruptcy Reform"

March 2016
Date: Wednesday 16 March 2016
Topic: The Bankruptcy Reform
Speakers: Stephen Mullette (MatthewsFolbigg) – “Bankruptcy Reform and Other Oxymorons”   |   Bob Cruickshans (Condon Associates) –
“Should the Period of Bankruptcy be reduced from the Current 36 Month to 12 Months?”  |   Schon Condon (Condon Advisory Group) – “Innovation and Bankruptcy – A reality…”

July 2015
Date: Thursday 16 July 2015
Topic: Demystifying Trust
Speakers: Peter Bobbin (Arygle Lawyers) – “Can you really say that you know trusts?”  |   Stuart Le Cornu (Crowe Horwath) – “Trusts – A practical view” |   Schon Condon (Condon Advisory Group) – “Trusts – trip through the ca-trustophies”

February 2015
Date: Thursday 26th March
Topic: The unknown pitfalls of becoming a director
Speakers: Andrew Faber (Arthur J. Gallagher) – “Protecting Directors from Pitfalls – Learn from real life insured events” | Robert McClelland (Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers)  – “The Responsibilities of Becoming a Director” | Schon G Condon (Condon Advisory Group) – “Director-ing: Are you ever safe?”

July 2014
Date: Wednesday 23rd July
Topic:  Franchise – what you need to know…
Speakers: Steven Clare (MyAFSA)  – “What’s new in franchising & business!” | Jon Gillingham (EBIT Management Services) – “Lending to Franchisers, what the banks look at. | Schon G Condon (Condon Advisory Group)-  “Future proofing your business.”

May 2014
Date: Wednesday 7th May
Topic: Land Tax and property
Speakers: Brett Young (Barrister) | Ashish Thadani (Investlink Group) | Schon G Condon (Condon Associates)

February 2014
Date: Wednesday 26th February
Topic: Share Investment
Speakers: Michael Hoy (Bell Potter) – “Investment behaviour (not selection and timing) is the dominant factor of share market returns” | Michael Collett (Lachlan Partners) – “‘Must Know’ Tax principles and strategies for share investors” | Schon G Condon (Condon Associates) – “Play with real…… don’t pretend”

August 2013
Date: Wednesday 28th August
Topic: Succession and Estate Planning

May 2013
Date: Thursday 16 May
Topic: Employees ,… | Maximizing their potential … | Securing your returns.

February 2013
Date: Thursday 28th February
Topic: Employment Law and Work Health & Safety Update
Speakers: Anna Ford (Coleman Greig) | Pauline Knox (Impact Executive Solutions) | Schon Condon (Condon Associates)

August 2012
Date: Wednesday 15th August
Topic: Property Update – Beware, not all properties are good investments!
Speakers: Richard Halabi (Guardian Property Specialists) | Christina Kim (St. George Bank) | Schon Condon (Condon Associates)

May 2012
Date: Wednesday 23rd May
Topic: Personal Property Securities Reform 2012
Speakers: Panel format Chaired by Schon G. Condon RFD, Managing Principle of Condon Associates and other professionals specialising in the Personal Property Security Act 2009.

March 2012
Date: Wednesday 28th March
Topic: Intellectual Property
Speakers: Geoff Cooper (Quantum Profit Growth) | Cara Ghassemian (CG Lawyers) | Schon Condon (Condon Associates)

November 2011
Date: Wednesday 16th November
Topic: Succession Planning
Speakers: Geoff Ellis (Profit Advantage Group) | Peter Adams (Adams Partners Lawyers) | Schon Condon (Condon Associates)

August 2011
Date: Wednesday 10th August
Topic: Employment Law
Speakers: Jacquie Seemann (Thompson Lawyers) | Ray Schaffer (RMG Schaffer & Co) | Schon Condon (Condon Associates)

May 2011
Date: Wednesday 11th May
Topic: Financial Planning
Speakers: Phillip Win (Profile Financial Services) | Peter Bobbin (Argyle Lawyers) | Schon Condon (Condon Associates)