Financial, Operational, Sustainability and Management Advisors to business during times of growth, stabilisation and difficulty.


EBIT Management Services is a Business Management Advisory company which focuses on the delivery of premium services to all industries.

Through a process of Evaluation, Business Advisory, Instruction and Turnaround, we aim to solve problems constructively, with the view to providing a whole businesses protection and sustainability.

EBIT MS supports start-ups; businesses looking for their first expansion or those experiencing growth pains, right through to the initial cash crisis. We can help.

Who we are

EBIT Management Services (“EBIT MS”) is a business management advisory company focused on the delivery of premium services to all industries with a focus on businesses facing some form of financial strain.

Too often businesses become fee fodder to insolvency practitioners and their lawyers as problems are not only escalated but multiplied. Whether you are experiencing some form of crisis or needing support in terms of your need to grow your business, we can provide you with a number of solutions.

When the need arises for an entity that can focus on the positive aspects of service and advice without a direct attachment to insolvency, the team members at EBIT MS are the people you need to speak to.

We look forward to working with you, your accountant and your solicitor to maximise the opportunities that are open to you.


Investigative and analytical services for financial situations resulting in the provision of honest and forthright guidance based on a true understanding of the financial position of the entity and the genuine resources available.


Providing timely, practical and relevant commercial input to improve the financial position and/or performance of an organisation.


Delivery of customised, relevant and practical instruction and training relating to the financial and managerial aspects of business operation.


The provision of behind the scenes consulting, advice, management and leadership designed to steer an organisation out of the financial quagmire and set it firmly on the road to recovery without the use of formal or publicly identifiable processes.

EBIT MS is about the bottom line. It is aimed at quickly and cost effectively providing information and assistance, leaving the client positioned for future growth and development.

Our planning approach

Planning is a fundamental part of intelligent behaviour. It is through planning that a determined and goal-orientated business approach is created and successfully carried out.

Very often the safest plans are the simplest plans. In a time when the economic environment has become complicated with the variety of products, players and legislation from a variety of sources, it is not uncommon for solutions to become both complex and convoluted.

This level of complexity is often created for no other reason than to ensure control remains with the advisor group or simply to maximise the costs associated with the transaction.

Simplicity can be delivered if it is genuinely desired and generally provides for a higher degree of assurance of success as well as a much greater and clearer understanding by all those concerned.


Due Diligence

This is an examination of a company’s division or business records prior to or as part of a full or partial acquisition. We are able to provide a degree of assurance that the presumed value being acquired actually exists. This can range from a brief review of relevant documentation to provide some peace of mind through to an extremely detailed review of every aspect of the business including the appointment of expert valuers to all relevant assets.

Business Health Check

Conducted either as a result of some form of commercial or financial glitch, or on an annual basis, the Business Health Check looks at taking a specific snapshot of a business to identify possible problems or impending issues that require rectification so as to both preserve the financial position of the business or to identify areas where profit and cash flow improvements can be made.

They are requested by both owners and lenders on an as required basis and have also been performed on behalf of local Directors of overseas subsidiaries where an independent confirmation of their stewardship is considered appropriate.

Pre Lend Reviews

Commonly requested by lenders where a truly independent assessment of a potential borrower is required. The reasons for these are many and varied, but commonly related to high levels of borrowing, poorly maintained systems, the unwillingness of the existing accountant to provide same or the lack of an appropriate external accountant where this function is maintained in house.

We have also been requested to provide these on behalf of a borrower’s accountant where the accountant felt they did not have the necessary expertise or time to perform the function.

Position Monitoring

Where higher levels of risk are associated with a particular loan, it is not uncommon for a lender to impose an ongoing programme of financial review of the borrower to ensure that all relevant measures are within the tolerances required by the loan facility.

In these cases we can both design an appropriate reporting regime and conduct the regular reviews providing reports to both the business owners and the lender or as otherwise dictated by the loan document. Most commonly these reviews occur on a quarterly, half yearly or annual basis, but there are instances where monthly monitoring has been required.

Pre Appointment Reviews

Alas, as with all business activities there is always the potential for things not to go as planned and, as such, the relationship between lender and borrower becomes strained, which will often lead to a formal appointment of some form by the lender. Prior to making the appointment, it is always recommended that any recovery action be taken in the knowledge of all, or at least as much, factual and current information.

The pre appointment review conducts an analysis of both the current position of the borrower and the potential alternatives that may be available. We aim to focus on timely recovery of the debt, the preservation of value for as many as possible and the preservation of operating businesses that have a viable and positive future.

Business advisory

Asset and Liability Structuring

Going into business in today’s environment is a risky activity and the astute business person will do all they can to appropriately manage those risks. The most common method employed is the creation of a limited liability company. Alas, this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of structuring one’s affairs.

EBIT Management Services are experts in creating structures that will leave only the appropriate assets exposed to the relevant business risks and ensure that where necessary, securities are provided to meet the borrowing requirements of both the individual and any relevant business ventures.

Business Coaching

Based on over 150 years of experience amongst our leadership team, considerable professional study, and an investment in analysing almost an incalculable amount of client’s money that has been invested in proving how things shouldn’t be done, we have become somewhat proficient in helping people avoid problems or alternately help them work out of them.

Whilst this is most commonly performed as part of an advisory role, we do provide an ongoing service as Business Coaches. Engagements can be of varying lengths and each is designed to specifically meet the clients’ needs and around the services that are provided by other advisers servicing the client.

Business/Strategic Planning

There is an old proverb “He who fails to plan, plans to fail,” that is so true. Our group has dealt with enough clients that prove this to be a fact that it can truly be stated as fact!

Again, with significant experience in business operation across a broad range of industries we can assist most organisations with the creation of a Strategic and/or Business Plan and the subsequent documentation to enable its effective communication.

Members of our Group are regular presenters on this topic for both professional bodies and tertiary institutions and have facilitated many planning sessions.

Conduct Sales of Businesses

Often a business owner reaches a point where they are unable or unwilling to continue in the management and operation of their business, unfortunately there are instances where they have merely walked away from significant value.

With a wealth of experience in the sale of businesses and major assets, we are well placed to both plan and conduct the sale of a business using either a quick or planned approach. The level of our involvement is varied to suit the needs, experience and requirements of the client.

Sale Package Preparation

Where complete assistance is not required with the sale, in the main where the owner wants to conduct the process themselves, we are able to conduct the necessary assessments and research to enable a professional sales package to be prepared and produced for distribution to potential purchasers.

Where necessary we can also brief appropriate lawyers on the preparation and inclusion of relevant confidentiality agreements.



Members of our Firm, in particular Schon Condon, have spent many years presenting on a broad range of finance, management and business related topics to a wide variety of businesses, institutions, professional bodies, commercial training companies and secondary and tertiary institutions over a thirty year period.

Areas of expertise that can be offered are:

  • Forensic Accounting
  • Insolvency
  • Turnaround
  • Management
  • Business Planning
  • Financial Analysis
  • Succession Planning
  • Litigation Support
  • Tailored Training Programmes

Where there is an internal requirement for training in the primary areas of our profession being Forensic Accounting, Insolvency and Turnaround, we are able to provide tailored programmes that are aimed at enabling the employee to better understand the issues confronting them as well as building improvements into the way business operations are conducted.


Board Guidance

When a company finds itself facing financial discomfort but the situation has not yet reached the point where a formal appointment is necessary, we can assist by providing expert advice and assisting the Board to develop plans and strategies to help and guide them through this difficult phase.

Such an involvement is performed discreetly behind the scenes thus minimising staff and external party’s awareness of the situation.

CTO Role Performance

Turnaround in a situation where a company is facing financial difficulties, a Chief Turnaround Officer (CTO) can be appointed to develop and implement strategies on behalf of the company with the aim to assist the business through the current financial position.

Unlike the Board Guidance scenario as discussed above, the Chief Turnaround Officer would be known to members of staff and would be empowered to make things happen, as opposed to merely providing guidance to a Board of Directors.

This scenario may be more likely in a smaller entity where there is a limited directorship, and the Directors would like someone to just take control of the matter for them.

Design of Prepacks

Prepacks represent a scenario whereby the company is insolvent and it is envisaged that the company will ultimately be placed into liquidation.

We can assist in providing Prepacks that would look at the company’s affairs and provide guidance and strategies to deal with assets and seek to tidy up the affairs of the company (as best as possible) prior to the company being handed over to a Liquidator and being placed into liquidation.

Some of the organisations we have provided training for include:

  • Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Citibank
  • The CEO Institute
  • CPA Australia
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia
  • Suncorp
  • Hawkesbury Business Connection
  • nem Business Performance
  • BEC – Business Enterprise Centres Australia
  • Housing Industry Association Members
  • University of Canberra
  • Tonkin Consulting
  • Australian Defence College
  • Turnaround Management Association Australia
  • Development and Implementation of Turnaround Strategies

There are times when a company will find itself in need of outside assistance to try and guide the business through a potential position of insolvency.

We can draw on our extensive experience and facilitate a meeting with the key members of staff to identify issues within the business, and help to formulate a strategy to allow the business to trade on into the future.

This would involve assisting in preparation of the plan, and mapping out the various action points to be dealt with.

Turnaround Management

After having developed the plan it may be necessary to have further assistance to ensure that the plan is being implemented, and to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies determined.

EBIT Management Services can assist by providing an independent view of the operations post the implementation of the plan to ascertain what, if any, of the proposed strategies have been implemented and their effectiveness. We can also provide at that time further guidance as to possible improvements to the measures which have been put in place.