This week has been consumed with the issues surrounding how cricket is properly played!

Some time ago I was given a copy of a book entitled “Heroic Leadership” a book written by Chris Lowney who began his adult life studying to be a Catholic Priest, but in his final year left to seek out an alternative career and ultimately ended up as the CEO of JP Morgan, a substantive move sideways.

In his book he argued that sports people were not good role models for business because the underlying parameters of their roles are not the same.  In sports you have a level playing field, there is one set of rules, both sides are equal, there is the existence of an immediate umpire, and a string of other similar arguments.  Such an arena is not the same for business.  The field is not level, no two organisations are the same size, and many competitors can be outright cheats, scoundrels or even criminals … just ask the ATO!

Society is about to move further into an unprecedented level of surveillance, supervision or monitoring, call it what you like.  One touch systems will give all agencies unprecedented levels of surveillance; further there are cameras everywhere watching you every minute of the day (or match!), and just about everyone else has sold their soul to the social media devil.  It will really be interesting to see how we humans as communal inhabitants survive and/or cope.

Back to the cricket story, from what I understand this is not by any shade of the imagination the first example of ball tampering in cricket, let alone tampering at the International level.  The issue in this situation is that they got caught.  Today the focus is always, and almost only, about winning.  Easy to say when you argue that we want a win-win situation, but there are many where this is not possible.  For many businesses there is an element of calculated risk that is taken, all in the hope that they are not caught.  It is a question of either corners cut, or costs of compliance avoided, it all leads to the same answer, a less than perfect situation.

The difference for the future however is going to be the penalty imposed on those who get caught.  In this instance it’s significant: financially, professionally and most importantly personally/emotionally.  In this instance they have almost been destroyed within days … the underlying question is “has it been fair?”

We all need to understand the process going forward.  It is not fair, it is not an even playing field, it will simply be that those that are caught are technically hung, drawn and quartered, having first been shot at dawn!  Meanwhile all those that have not been caught, can carry on regardless free to do as they please.

It is the dawn of a new age, prepare for it or pay the consequences!

In closing, I wish you all a happy, safe and Holy Easter.