A Fond Farewell

Welcome to 2017!

Some may have noticed a short absence in our blogging, in one sense our apologies, and in another a break can often be refreshing.

Sadly I lost my Father, Vernon John Condon, late last year, he had developed a secondary bone cancer that had begun to expand at an ever increasing rate and overtook even the most conservative estimations of his medico’s.  The fatal cancer developed from the primary prostate cancer that he had, until then, fought for almost thirty years; but determined as he was he made it to his 90th birthday.   Well done Dad.  His passing was certainly sad, but given the condition he was in it was also a blessing.  I wish to formally thank all those who assisted him during his final years as your efforts, even though not always appreciated they did make that time easier and more comfortable.  Your efforts in the circumstances that you operate in are commendable.

Dad was a fine engineer and a very proud former inspector for the Public Service Board; who had begun his career at Rover Motors in Cessnock, continued through British India Steam Navigation Co Ltd, Bathurst Hospital, Liverpool Hospital and North Ryde Hospital, and finished with the NSW Government and Public Service Board.  During those later years projects included the State Office Block, the Opera House and the central coordination of the operational aspects of all State Government buildings into one central control centre.  A great fisherman to boot.

Thanks for everything Dad, I hope you enjoyed your ride and say high to Mum.