Where has reality gone?

It was interesting to hear this week that Ellen DeGeneres is being sued for having miss pronounced someone’s name on her show.  Later that night I regretfully heard an ABC personality miss pronounce Wallacia as WALL-A-CHEE-A.  The error was shortly afterwards brought to the announcer’s attention and the situation rectified.  Issue over!

I must say that if suing people for mispronouncing your name was a way to make money then with the name of ‘Schon’ I would by now be a billionaire!  Alas I am not.  Where are we in reality getting to?

It is one thing for an individual to get hot under the collar but there must really be some expectation on the system, both in the form of the lawyers at first instance, and most importantly the Court to ensure that not only is valuable Court time wasted but that people are not put to unnecessary expense in dealing with outlandish and irresponsible actions.

Alas, many have said to me, “… but Schon, it’s all just a game!”  Alas it is an unbelievably expensive game to play and it’s rarely the players that win, it’s the people that operate the game.  Bit like a pin-ball parlour or a poker-machine actually.

Hopefully one day reality may well return.