How much is enough?

Whenever financial times are strained everyone looks to cutbacks, none more so than Governments. Moving further, one of the most significant costs here is staffing, and commonly there are either employment freezes, voluntary redundancies or other measures put into place.  Rarely do the systems change, and thus often fewer people need to cope doing what more were doing earlier.

This is supported by echo’s from the community seeking a general reduction in the size of government (at all levels) overall.  The real question is genuinely what the right amount is, and how is it structured.

Recently there was some notable discussion about what remains of the monorail stations!  Interestingly, recently I had walked past one of them and thought that it may actually have made quite a quirky little bar or night spot, but I’m no planner.  What did interest me is that two different government agencies were going out of their way to say it’s not our problem.  Now had it been a 150-year-old railway station everyone would have wanted to put their ‘ten cents worth’ in so that when it was finished they could claim to be part of a wonderful effort at the preservation of our past!

The one thing that incidents like this prove is that we do have too many conflicting parts.  The minute that a government department is contemplating a letter stating it’s not theirs then, the response should be directed to the agency that is responsible and who have already acknowledged that duty.  Anything other than this just proves we have too much.

For someone to say now that they cannot be used for an alternate purpose is just ludicrous.  They have been there, both used and unused and not caused grief, done properly they can preserve some part of the city’s history and we should be truly focused on the least cost solution, not the point scoring antics of power brokers.

If not, then we clearly have more than enough!