A Chinese company called … … Bradfield?

I recently almost fell off my chair when I read of a Chinese company, not only suggesting, but offering to pay for an expansion of the impending new rail tunnel so that it would be capable of not only carrying the new Metro Line but also a high-speed east coast train to be constructed at some time in the future. Obviously, something that they will wish to tender for and construct in the future.

This is the sort of visionary experience that I’m sure John Bradfield had when he oversaw the design and construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Imagine where we would be today if a simple four lane structure hadn’t been constructed originally!

However, with a real intent to work towards the future, a contract could be entered into, now allowing for the construction of the mega tunnel with the offered funding and incorporating a formal method of calculating the future compensation, should that entity not be the ultimate successful tenderer.  Mind you in my eyes they almost deserve it for their vision and common sense alone.

It is with such vision that the future is built.  Alongside the above was an article about how the Australian Police Forces were combining together in search of specialised police vehicles once Holden and Ford close.  To me there is still the real potential for a specialised operation that could make police cars and taxis, and possibly other vehicles well into the future.  They don’t need new shapes or badges every six months and could be updated as technology or experience dictates.

One example of such a plan already exists – the Hindustan Ambassador.  In essence, it is a 1959 Morris Oxford that was produced in India from 1960 to 2014.  We as Australians are easily convinced that it is better done overseas and we accept it.  It began with the colonisation and regrettably continues.

Surely it is time to make a stand.  To me genuine economic sustainability is far more substantive than political independence, as what is the point of being a republic if we must kowtow to the wishes of our economic masters.

Our role is to preserve value at every level, and this includes preventing it from being thrown away in the first place!