62 People

It is interesting to note that recently it was reported that 62 people in the world personally control 50 percent of the world’s wealth. This is in itself a stunning situation. Most people’s Facebook ‘friend’s’ page would stretch well beyond 62 people.

Consider it this way, if you looked at the population of the world as the engine in your car and the oil in it as its wealth; then if you took out one bolt from the rocker cover (top of the motor) and half the oil it would be interesting to see how long and how efficiently it would run. I suspect it would not be good.

Many people may well no doubt say that this is not an accurate representation as whilst they control that wealth they haven’t exactly removed it from the system. Alas, in adopting this view the point they miss is the increasing number of “Not for profits” reporting significant increases in those seeking their aid.

What is also very interesting to note is who is aware of this statistic and who is not.

Some genuine food for thought, no doubt preferably before the system seizes up.