Why be loyal?

There was a review recently conducted into a number of Loyalty Schemes that are being offered by many of the players in the retail and service industries. To me the results resembled my own personal beliefs rather than the impression that is generally portrayed in industry.

My own personal view then? Well, most are simply not worth the effort, you need to carry yet another piece of plastic around with you, focus on spending in that store and then hope that one day you will obtain sufficient points to be able to acquire something, and that they have what you want when your points must be used! Conversely there are some that I do believe are quite clever, such as say a two meals for the price of one in your birth month. There is a simplicity and immediacy of visible value in such an offer.

More often than not business owners are told to give away what is cheap to get but has a perception of greater value to the recipient, and in some instances it works. However if you are not careful it can really bounce back and bite.

In a recent survey it was businesses like Aldi that won out at the end of the day. No loyalty scheme simply the provision of quality products at fair prices consistently. This is what people really want, and if they get what they want then they will return in droves. Mind you I also think Aldi has created a clever way to get Dad and other members of the family along for the weekly shopping trip, but that’s another story.

If you operate squarely and provide value then the remaining issue becomes to remain front of mind, easy to do when visits are regular but far more complex for those who are only occasional suppliers. One thing is for sure, poor quality buried under fake value will, these days be seen through fairly quickly.