Welcome to 2015

With the events leading up to Christmas, which have regrettably been repeated this week on the other side of the world, it stands as a salutary reminder that we now live in a different world to the one in which we grew up in.

As a youngster watching old movies of prehistoric man being taken by man eating predators at will or the more recent variety the ‘B’ westerns of the Wild West where it appeared that anyone who was not quick with a gun was nothing more than dead meat you would gather a sense of calm that the world had truly moved on from those horrendous times. Regrettably we now seem to be returning to them.

One word that was much used before Christmas was tolerance and it is regrettably a word that is used insufficiently these days. Just as you can’t blame all for the actions of the few we must also reasonably respect things that are going on around us. The seemingly relentless stance that continually seeks to ban things for fearing that they will offend some minority then the same stance should apply, let’s just be tolerant.

We live in a wonderful society that looks, touches, tastes, and yes occasionally knocks anything that we can. It is for this reason that we change and grow, it is for this reason that when I was a child a lamb sandwich was something that mum gave me on Monday after the roast lamb the night before, whereas now it’s a kebab!

For those of us in business we must watch and mould to the changing circumstances. The two critical points of focus moving forward will be firstly to preserve and protect value and secondly to focus on sustainability. Without these you will not have something in the future or what you do have will be worth nothing.

The year I’m sure will be challenging and that will make it interesting. One thing though is that we will make it fun; that is something that cannot be taken from us. The thing about fun though is that it is much more rewarding after hard work and what we must not fail to do is put in the effort.

Have a great 2015 and we look forward to being a positive part of your Year.