Theft, in all its forms

I have recently returned from a business trip to the United Kingdom and unfortunately were robbed during our trip. It is something that leaves a bad taste in the mouth and has a significant impact on the remainder of the environment around you, and the experiences you are having. This was a first experience for us.

The immediate thought is how can I make time go backwards?, what did I do wrong?, why me?, and a plethora of other feelings and senses that if left uncontrolled become panic. Normality returns as you accept your actual position, and then commence the process of rectification.

As we continued our travels I was still dealing with matters within the Firm and I recalled how many creditors will often approach our matters with the sense that they too have been robbed by the directors or the debtors in a given situation, and I must say, that whilst not in every case there are many that they would be correct.

In sorting things out I had two parallel thought processes running, what must I do to rectify my loss and secondly what will I do differently so as to prevent re-occurrence. In this aspect I again thought of many of the matters we deal with where creditors have said “this is the Xth time this has happened to me … this year … in this industry … with this person … etc”. How much remedial action do you take?

When you experience a negative event take the time to learn a lesson from it, if you don’t then all you are doing is wasting all the money you invested in the training, (sorry loss).