Recently I was involved in a group conversation with one of our esteem elected representatives debating the fickle nature of the electorate and the impact that it was having on governments (not to mention what voters are seeing as the impact its having on our Governance, but that’s another story).

As a matter of thought I offered that possibly the existence of a political party, that was unified across all three levels of government, that didn’t try and pass things sideways or up and down but actually coordinated a suitable response across the board may just possibly bring new possibilities to the world, or at least the country! The immediate reaction was twofold, firstly it can’t be done, and secondly, voters are smart enough to accurately determine between what are local, state and federal issues; regrettably I fear that I may possibly be not as smart as some?

Interestingly though the conversation moved forward down the path of the National Disabilities Insurance Scheme and how quickly it was possible for that to move from its earliest concepts to creation and introduction all on the back of, you won’t believe it, cooperation between different levels of government as well as differing parties both realising that this was good for the country and its people.

I rest my case, but remember I’m regrettably as smart as some.