In the last edition our focus was on targets. Today, we will focus on tools and training.


Many companies have tools available to their employees, and expect these tools to be used. These tools include sales tools, CRM, sales training, forms, policies and more, but do the leaders really understand these tools?

  1. Policies:

Everyone talks about the policies which are in place. These policies often provide guidance, but often lack sufficient synchronization with the strategy which is in place.

  1. CRM

Most companies these days have some form of CRM available. 80% of leaders do not understand the data provided on the dashboard nor do they understand the value and the origin of this data. CRMs are implemented with a lot of goodwill, effort and energy, but lack the link with the strategy, the policies and the actual workflow of the organization. Without the full understanding of the origin of the data, and how to translate this data into valuable action, the data is of little or no value. The worst scenario is the lack of understanding of the value of the opportunities/leads. Lead qualification is important within CRM. Users who really understand their CRM data create actions, forecasts and results which are superior, while others spend hours on analyzing without the depth needed and results to succeed.

III Training

Last but not least, the training provided is often nothing else than standard brush ups, which most of the time confuses the participants more than it really helps. In theory training often includes great tools, forms and strategies to make you successful. But while the tools are excellent, the training and trainer are limited in time to guarantee a successful outcome. Training is often kept short as it is seen as a cost factor for the business instead of an investment for better results. New team members need a strong immersion. It’s not just a word, its key for the success of new members of the team.

Training must be in line with the products, the processes and the strategies, to really have an impact. Without impact there is only price. And we all know that winning on price is not desired at all.


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