Welcome to “On the Beam”…

Condon Associates Newsletter March 2007 Schon Condon Welcome to On the beam
Hi there and welcome to the first issue of our new Newsletter “On the Beam” which as you will see from the Masthead above further develops our Lightship theme. One compliment that has gone back many years of which we are extremely proud was always about the content and readability of the old “Revive” and we are certainly hoping that this new tome meets and exceeds those expectations. With this issue I have the privilege to introduce a new editor in Ms Sveta Shao, who whilst not having been with us all that long has quickly settled in as an old member of the Firm family.

For only the second time in the publishing of our own Newsletter have I chosen to include an item from the Internet. The last time it was just too good to pass up, this time it’s because it is so relevant to what we are on about. The article features on a summation of a speech purportedly made by Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft. Whether he did or didn’t is irrelevant. It is the content and its relationship to modern society and in particular modern business that is the point. The issues focused on in this presentation are worth consideration particularly for some of your clients and customers who may be contemplating the (not so) small step into business. What you read in this article provides some of the fundamental reasons for business failure. It is one of those basic tomes that should be amongst every business advisors war-chest of reference material, either with or without reference to its purported author.

We deal with situations that have eventuated. Business has been conducted and it has not gone well. There is often no point in seeking to place blame for the sake of placing blame, but for the success of all concerned, the seeking of a solution is the utmost concern. If people do understand the basic concepts espoused in the article they may not only have a better understanding as to how they got into the predicament that they find themselves in, but will also be better positioned to extricate themselves with guidance and assistance from the professionals seeking to support them.

There is also a wealth of other information from various members of the Firm that I hope you find interesting. All feedback is welcome and I do hope you enjoy this first edition.

All the best, thankyou for your ongoing support and above all, enjoy the read.