It’s back

After a regrettable absence of some 8 years “Revive” is finally back, and we are proud of it!

Originally instituted when I was given the responsibility to create and edit a Newsletter for my previous practice, the name was intended to signal part of my, and therefore the Firm’s, core belief in what the insolvency system was all meant to be about. A process that provided for renewal, clarity and efficiency. It is an opportunity to bring situations that cannot continue to a halt, prevent the further erosion of funds and formally review and finalise the past.

Unfortunately since its first issue we have seen the industry increasingly brought into disrepute with high-on criminal behaviour, repeated examples of fee gouging and other unsavoury behaviours. Enough of the bad though!

Since the inception of the Condon Associates Group we have been seriously focused on ways that we can solve people’s financial problems both without a formal appointment if possible, and certainly for the most cost effective manner possible so as to ensure the maximum return to the majority of stakeholders. Our stance on this issue has recently been significantly reinforced with the appointment of Richard Abela, former CEO of Hettich Australia-New Zealand, as a Senior Associate within the Group.

300_Revive_editorial“On the Beam” will be continuing as our internally written and created technical newsletter featuring updates on relevant legal cases, legislative changes, insolvency and bankruptcy practical tips and other newsworthy items. “Revive” on the other hand will focus on business, management and leadership issues with a particular leaning to turnaround and management in difficult or distressed situations. The most significant change will be that whilst it will still be internally produced, it will feature articles provided by some of our friends, and yes we are more than interested in hearing from you if you would like to contribute.

As a Group we are serious about community involvement and support, not only our own input but also hopefully to inspire others to make similar commitments in their business lives, so we have decided to include in “Revive” a section on some of these involvements by us and again our friends, this Issue its about Richard’s recent trip to Indonesia. We do hope you find these of interest.

We will all, in our business lives, continually confront change and as many say, ‘we have been living the new normal since 2008’ so we must continue to appreciate that the market in which business exists today is both fickle and fluid. At this stage, continuing it would appear that low interest rates, potentially increasing unemployment and almost unsustainably high real estate prices will continue. Interestingly as a regular reader of Alex (business cartoon in the AFR) there are little gems, both humorous and serious, that pop up from time to time. One of the recent ones referred to “Greece’s departure from the European Economic Union and it always being initially jibed that the issue comes up regularly but gets ignored because everyone knows that after a whole lot of carry-on the EU will come up with the solution and fund them anyway.” Alex and Clive then consider the possibility that the Union don’t and observe “that it would take everyone by surprise and would no doubt have the impact of Lehman cubed.” Clearly such an impact would strike many Australian businesses significantly.

We can’t guarantee that we’ll have a solution to every problem in the world, but for those within our scope I can assure you we’ll give them a really decent crack!

We trust you will enjoy the new format and the new content; Please enjoy the read.