[ceres_icon_box heading_text=”Rajeev Dixit” icon=”fa-star” icon_color=”#11155e”]

“Schon is brilliant in his work. I have had the pleasure of attending workshops run by him, and showcase his experience and knowledge.”

[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-dollar” heading_text=”Veejay Gounder – Financial Controller, Downes Nursery” icon_color=”#b6121b”]

“Rinkaz Finance has been providing our company with asset finance for many years. We have found Rinkaz Finance to be very efficient, professional and friendly in all our dealings with them. They have always acted in our best interest, and provided us with excellent financial advice whenever we have purchased an asset. Their response time in getting the best deal and subsequent approval has convinced us to use them for all our asset financing for years to come.”

[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star” heading_text=”Ian Robertson | A C Robertson and Co | Chartered Accountants and Financial Planners” icon_color=”#11155e”]“Our firm has been associated with Condon Associates and its principal Schon Condon for many years.

WE have always found the advice proffered to distressed clients relevant and meaningful.

Condon Associates are capable of dealing with complex matters and have a highly trained and motivated team of professionals.

Our firm has no hesitation in recommending Condon Associates for Insolvency or restructuring assignments.”[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star” heading_text=”Bob Cruickshanks | Former Deputy Official Receiver, NSW and ACT” icon_color=”#11155e”]“I recently retired from the Insolvency & Trustee Service Australia (“ITSA”) after some 34 years of service during which I occupied positions in the various sections of ITSA.

During the last 20 years, I was very much involved in liaising with and educating registered trustees about changes to the Bankruptcy Act and the intricacies of personal insolvency administration. Accordingly, I became well acquainted with the majority of registered trustees in NSW and I have no hesitation in singing the praises of Schon Condon, who I regard as the ultimate professional and a “stand-out ” in his field.

Schon has always demonstrated a willingness and a keen desire to enhance his thorough knowledge of personal insolvency administration and accordingly, he participated in and fully supported any training that ITSA was providing to registered trustees. Likewise, from time to time he would without hesitation , contact me directly to clarify a complex technical issue and/or discuss a recent Court judgment involving such issues.

From my observations of Schon and his dedicated team, in a particular personal insolvency administration the interests of the various parties involved are put ahead of the trustee’s interests and being a small specialist insolvency firm, the parties involved in an administration have access to the trustee, unlike in larger firms.

Consequently, Schon and his team work very hard to deliver a result that generates the greatest benefit to both the debtor and his/her creditors in the administration. I have no doubt that Schon and his team have an identical approach to corporate insolvency administrations. Accordingly, I have no hesitation in recommending Schon and his team for all types personal insolvency administration work.”[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-dollar” heading_text=”Brett Erlandsen – Tyre Store Training” icon_color=”#b6121b”]

“Hi Stuart, Just a quick note to say the service you provide to us and our clients is prompt and very professional. We would always recommend Rinkaz and yourself to our clients that are seeking finance options.”

[ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star” heading_text=”Jonar” icon_color=”#11155e”]“Just a quick thank-you for the newsletter. In the modern world, it is still cool to receive a well-designed, informative newsletter. It opens well. No slow downloads. No clashes or crashes with my browser, and the pages flip instantly without the boring ‘wait-for-it-to-load wheel’.

I also like the fact that the point-size is large and easy to read. Funny that you referred to ‘Kodak moments’ considering that it is such an old term. All quaint, and reassuring. Nice to know that Condon Associates provides good old-fashioned qualities, while updating us about the very latest news and views. It’s a cool connection between old and new, and it works.

More power to your elbow, mate.”[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-dollar” heading_text=”Ross C Macnamara – manufacturer of RCM Scales and RCM designed Meat Monorail Systems” icon_color=”#b6121b”]”We have been associated with Rinkaz Finance for many years (currently with Stuart Cunningham) and cannot fault the assistance accorded each time we have requested finance arrangements for equipment and motor vehicles. Rinkaz get the job done quickly and efficiently, always ensuring the best finance provider for us. What more can one ask? If any of our clients (butchers) were to mention they were considering leasing or HP, we would not hesitate to recommend Rinkaz.

Stuart, the above is true and we thank you for personally looking after us.”[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star” heading_text=”Ronnie” icon_color=”#11155e”]“I love your eNewsletter. Great content, and the brief overview, with the opportunity to open up and read further content is a wise decision.

WELL DONE”[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star” heading_text=”Georgia” icon_color=”#11155e”]

“… please pass on my sincere thanks to Schon for his valuable time, knowledge and experience … “

[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-dollar” heading_text=”David Goodman – Precision Automotive” icon_color=”#b6121b”]

“I have dealt with Rinkaz PL on many occasions in the last 12 years both with Clive Greasby, and more recently Stuart Cunningham. The service provided to our company has been excellent to say the least. Stuart has always worked hard to get us the best finance deal available, he has always been available and his service is both prompt and efficient. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rinkaz for any leasing solutions.”

[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star” heading_text=”John Phelps” icon_color=”#11155e”]“I would like to express in writing my respect for the manner in which you have carried out your obligations to your client, your management and your loyalty to your company.

My gratitude and thanks for the courageous manner in which you have not only exposed, but also corrected the shortcomings in our overall operation.

Finally your handling of my companies employees in making them realise the serious situation the recession in the steel industry has placed me in.

All in all, we still have our doors open and all of us endeavouring to handle the current recession and survive.”[/ceres_icon_box]

[ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-dollar” heading_text=”Elsie – Belmore Auto Pit” icon_color=”#b6121b”]

“I have dealt with Stuart Cunningham from Rinkaz Finance for the past 3 year or so. He has always been a very helpful person who has organized my finances. He is extremely capable & follows up any issues which may occur. I am very happy with the way he has helped us finance a few vehicles over the years. Would recommend Stuart to anyone who needs finance.”

[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star” heading_text=”Robyn” icon_color=”#11155e”]” I have just noticed the article that Schon has written for the Western Sydney Business Access.

Thank you… WHAT A CHAMPION! This is a fantastic article that is very encouraging to other employers.

Thanks you so much again, for agreeing to host students and for being such wonderful advocates for this very worthwhile program”[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star” heading_text=”Name withheld by request” icon_color=”#11155e”]“The ONLY thing that I will miss from the experience of being bankrupt is dealing with Condon Associates.

Always polite and friendly but efficient, the staff are a great asset truly reflective of the Firm’s culture.

It really made this situation easier to bare. Thank you.”[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-dollar” heading_text=”Kathleen Llewellyn, Accountant – Control Systems Technology” icon_color=”#b6121b”]”Rinkaz Finance has been working with Control Systems Technology Pty Ltd for over 10 years and we have had the privilege of working with Stuart Cunningham since July 2011.Over the past 2 years the service we have received from Stuart has been superior to other finance brokers we have worked with. Stuart is always available, organises everything and secures the best product.

The vehicle and equipment financing has always been arranged very quickly and efficiently, often arranged in one day.

The service provided has been outstanding and we would not hesitate to recommend Rinkaz Finance.

We are also pleased to endorse Stuart to anyone that is looking for a friendly and efficient finance broker.”[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star” heading_text=”Bob Frost” icon_color=”#11155e”]“Having dealt with Condons over a period of years I have no hesitation in saying that I have found them to be an imaginative, reliable and a conscientious organization.

They handled a most difficult bankruptcy matter to our company’s full and entire satisfaction. This continued on over a period of years and at all times Schon Condon and his staff gave the matter full and undivided attention and we could not have asked for a better result at the end of the road.”[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star” heading_text=”Richard Rohrt | Hamilton Murphy” icon_color=”#11155e”]“I have had great pleasure dealing with a firm as professional as Condon Associates in all aspects of corporate insolvency.  Schon Condon and his team of fellow registered liquidators and insolvency professionals have provided my Melbourne-based practice with a firm base and resources to conduct my own appointments in New South Wales.  Schon and his team have always been a reliable and honest resource in providing our firm with second opinions on insolvency matters generally and have been trusted with the direct conduct of insolvency matters on my behalf.

I can recommend Condon Associates for all corporate insolvency matters and advice.”[/ceres_icon_box]