Over the years clients who have visited our offices in Parramatta have commented on the model of the lightship located in our reception.

Lightships have been used for well over 300 years to help navigate users of the sea around areas where danger existed; areas where it was not possible to build a lighthouse. They were, until recent times, manned and could certainly be in dangerous waters.

Lightships have been there to help save countless vessels and people by turning them around onto the right course, thus avoiding complete disaster and allowing them to continue on so that they could benefit from future trade.

They maintained their vigilance regardless of the conditions.

We therefore believe that the lightship best reflects our company’s purpose and character. In many ways lightships, and the people who operated them, are reflective of the characteristics of Condon Associates:

  • Lightships were there for everybody, large and small
  • Lightships went to the danger area — they were not merely locked up in ivory towers
  • Lightships helped save people and turned them around onto the right course
  • Operators maintained their vigilance regardless of weather or conditions
  • Many were manned throughout wars, not withstanding the obvious peril of maintaining a vessel with a light on and submarines patrolling the area.

At Condon Associates we would be pleased to be your lightship, to navigate you through whatever conditions you may face.