The Condon Rapid Business ReviewWelcome to the Condon Advisory Group

“Offering clarity in the face of uncertainty”

Many businesses and individuals experience periods of financial or strategic distress at some stage of their life cycle as a result of economic or environmental changes.

Distress rectification can vary from business to business and situation to situation, whilst many will require only minor adjustments to their strategy, others are likely to require major restructuring to avoid catastrophe.

In most cases business managers and owners lack objectivity when managing their business.  This further complicates the situation, making these decisions alone may often result in not making them at all or at least postponing the tough decisions which are vital for the future of their business, until it is too late.

At Condon Advisory Group (CAG) we are committed professionals dedicated to providing quality advice and guidance in the fields of Forensic Accounting, Insolvency, Turnaround Management (F. I. T.), Business Advisory and Asset Financing.  Our promise is to solve tight and complex situations.

We will ensure that you and your clients receive first class service with the objective of bringing a commercial solution to those in financial distress.

Who we are

With a career spanning 40 years, Managing Principal Schon G Condon established the Condon Advisory Group in 2006 with a view to spearheading the holistic discipline of F.I.T. and formulating solutions for clients facing difficulties by providing much needed direction, often without formal appointments.

Together with Schon, the Senior Management Team of Condon Advisory Group are extensively qualified and are members of professional associations.  Our senior team holds over 140 years of cumulative experience and have held positions at the highest levels in both industry and government.

Condon Advisory Group is committed to providing confidential assessments of problematic situations, then formulating and agreeing on pragmatic solutions that will swiftly begin to deliver real changes to your business.

“Our goal is to provide 1 to 1 trusted specialist support for those in distress.”

Members of the Group include

Condon Associates

Condon Associates providing quality advice and guidance in the fields of forensic accounting, insolvency and turnaround management (FIT) to its clients. The team is dedicated to assist each and every client by making sure we understand their unique situation and dealing with it professionally and efficiently.

EBIT Management Services

EBIT Management Services is a business management advisory company which focuses on the delivery of premium services to all industries. Services include evaluation, business advisory, instructional assistance and support.

Rinkaz Finance

Rinkaz Finance makes asset financing easy for small, medium and large business. The team has been organising asset based finance for over thirty years and continues to provide a fast and cost-effective solution for purchase of motor vehicles, plant and equipment, computers and most income producing assets.